9 lutego 2017

About me

I’m a blacksmith and swordsmith from Poland. Mainly, I made swords between 11th and 16th century. I’m highly interested in medieval arms and martial arts.

My passion with swords started because a big coincedence – after graduation I have worked as an artistic blacksmith for many years. Due to my work, I have learned a lot about the techniques, which now I am using durig swordmaking. Without this experience I couldn’t do what I do now. After many years of hard blacksmith work, I have started to think about making a sword for myself – I always want to have one just for fun. But it didn’t stop me at the beginning – swordmaking became my way to spend my every weekend and spare time after work. After few months I have made lots of great swords and I had no idea what to do with them. Then I stated to make pices for sale and on commition. I stopped beeing a blacksmith and started to be a swordsmith – my passion become my way of life. Since then I have spent all of free time on developing new techniques, historical reasearch and improving my work.

I mainly focus on making sword. All of my swords are inspired by historical pices or based on few exaples of similar swords. All my swords are fully functional: sharp, tempered and hand made.