Type XVIIIc Alexandrian sword with longer grip

This sword is based on Alexandrian sword from Met Art Museum in New york.
All dimensions are very close to original, but grip is longer for better handling.
This probably is my last type XVIIIc because my hand still don’t work correctly
and that kind of blade takes too much effort for me now.

Blade has a little bent tip (about 1.5mm).
This is very common thing after tempering process on such thin blade
and we can see that in original swords in museums.

total lenght: 121cm
blade lenght: 91,5cm
Blade width at the base: 86mm
Blade thickness on the base 5mm
Crossguard lenght: 31,8cm
weight: 1720g
balance: 10,5cm
grip lenght: 23,2cm
edges: sharp