Type XVIIIb based on Munich sword

Quick review of this one made by my customer:
„After 40 minutes overtime at the fencing hall just to go through every exercise I could think of with my new sword (my dear, poor, exhausted students) I can confidently say I love it. First of all it is exactly what I ordered. I asked about a slightly larger caliber version of the XVIIIb in the Munich museum and I got just that in every measure. I asked it to be just hefty enough to finish my cuts and it is. I asked it to be maneuverable enough to be a nimble dueling sword and it is. I asked it to be a good cutter with a slightly broader profile possibly at the cost of some thickness and it is. Due to its slightly longer blade and handle and greater overall mass it is both a great dueling weapon and a sword of war. It is also exactly my size. The sword is balanced so I can feel where the area I want to hit with is at all times and it swings smoothly through every cut. The sword is so well balanced though that when I apply the proper mechanics to maneuver it, it turns around the point it needs to so I don’t have to struggle with anything unnecessary. Doing two cuts in quick succession feels like pulling off a magic trick – some sleight of hand and there’s the rabbit out of the hat. Thank you so much!
Of course I don’t even need to mention the decorations all details are beautiful and flawless!”

total lenght: 128,5cm
blade lenght: 94,8cm
Blade width: 41,5mm
Thickness of blade (at the base): 7,8mm
weight: 1609g
balance: 9cm
grip lenght: 27,5cm
edges: sharp