Type XVIIIa German Schloss Erbach-style late 15th century

Type XVIIIa German Schloss Erbach-style late 15th/16th century

This sword is based on late 15th/16th century German-style longsword (from Oakeshott’s book page 196, known as Schloss Erbach).
I made more decorative twisted pommel based on another sword from 16th century(last photo).
These beautiful lines on the pommel was made by Anges Metalsmith.

Inspiration for the scabbard were old book covers in black and brown with a bit aged style.

Total lenght: 116,3cm
Blade lenght: 89,5cm
Blade width: 57mm
Thickness of blade (at the base): 6mm
Weight: 1606g
Balance: 9,5cm
Grip lenght: 18,8cm
Crossguard: 25cm
Edges: sharp