Harriet Dean sword v2 85mm

This is one of the most difficult sword which I ever made. Realy wide and thin blade with central ridge.
Great powerfull weapon – perfect for cutting.
Hand made engraving inscription, two marks on the blade: „m” and cross – the same as original.


Video review of my Harriet Dean’s swords in Wallace Collection Museum in London by Dr Tobias Capwell here:

total lenght: 115cm
blade lenght: 91cm
Blade width: 85mm
Thickness of blade (at the base): 5mm
weight: 1662g
balance: 12cm
grip lenght: 17,9cm
hardness: 54HRC
edges: sharp

Photos of original by C. Thomas
and from website: http://nerdist.com/600-year-old-medieval-broadsword-found-after-72-year-disappearance/