Type XVIIIc with Cluny pommel

This one is based on a few similar type XVIIIc and pommel is the same as The Cluny sword.
This idea was designed by one of my customer Matt JR Lewis some time ago.
Pommel in shape is similar to pommel from Type XVIIIc from Met Art in New York, but with very nice decoration around, made by my friend Angusmetalsmith.
Sword is very light for this type and of course powerfull.

Last 2 photos from Met art Museum from NY.

total lenght: 117,5cm
blade lenght: 92,5cm
Blade width at the base: 74mm
Blade thickness on the base 5mm
weight: 1520g
balance: 12,5cm
grip lenght: 18,4cm
edges: sharp