Type XIV/XVI „Touch of the Death”

This sword I called „Touch of the Death”.
It is hybrid of big type XIV and XVI with longer grip
and with my own fantasy design of scabbard and grip.

This unique one is based on a few swords:
-big gold type XIV from Paris – for the blade shape (Oakeshott’s Records page 124)
-big type XIV from Met of Art Museum NY – for the blade shape (Oakeshott’s Records page 116)
-Peter Johnsonn’s Vorpal sword – for the longer grip and overall shape – https://www.peterjohnsson.com/vorpal-sword/

total lenght: 104,5cm
blade lenght: 80cm
Blade width at the base: 90mm
Blade thickness on the base 5mm
weight: 1569g
balance: 8,5cm
grip lenght: 17,5cm
edges: sharp