Necromancer sword

New fantasy sword. Very original and unique one.
Based on femur bone shape (crossguard and pommel).
My inspiration was Necropolis city style from the game Heroes of Might and Magic III and dark fantasy post-apocalyptic world.
Blade is based on historical swords in big type XIV (Paris Museum or Met Art Museum in New York).
I wanted to make a scabbard that would look like it was made of raw skin, like masks in horror movies or Orc accessories in fantasy movies.
Of course all irregularities are done on purpose.
The belts also have irregular edges along their entire length. The buckle is hand-forged from steel.
The balance of the sword is excellent and at the same time powerfull. Therefore, despite its weight, the sword has very good handling.

I had some new thoughts when creating this sword.
When making replicas and reconstructions of historical swords, it will never be 100% art.
Art can only be creating something that has never existed before, something new.
Recreating is just a craft. Just like playing covers in music.
I love both forms of sword work, of course.
I gained a lot of joy and completely different feelings from working solely with my imagination,
which I had never had the opportunity to do before when it came to making swords.

Total length: 107,5cm
Blade length: 79,7cm
Blade width: 89mm
Blade thickness on the base: 5mm
Crossguard: 24,7cm
Weight: 1810g
Balance: 7cm
Grip length: 18,5cm (+4cm additional on the pommel)
Edges: sharp