RESERVED: Type XI with hat pommel


Review by David Rawlings from London Longsword Academy of similar sword
which I made a few year ago you can see on youtube:

Sword is something between type XI and XII.
Based on a few very simialar originals (check the last photos).
Unfortunately every original sword which I found (with this Gaddhjalt crossguard and hat pommel) has broken blade,
so I took lenght of the blade and point section from very known Albion The Ritter.
Blade is quite stiff.
You can choose grip color.

Total lenght: 101,8cm
Blade lenght: 86cm
Blade width: 49mm
Blade thickness on the base: 5mm
Crossguard: 22cm
Weight: 1205g
Balance: 14,5cm
Grip lenght: 10cm
Edges: sharp

Price for sword is 1400 Euro
Scabbard with belting (if you need) 500-800 Euro

Shipping to EU, UK is included.
Shipping to USA, Canada +150 euro
Australia, Asia +250 euro

Unfortunately I don’t know who took photos of the originals swords. One (with broken crossguard) is from Oakeshott book).